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Heating Oil

Ayer Oil Company is committed to providing our customers in the Middlesex County, MA area with a comfortable and safe energy source which is why our customers rely on oil heat. Massachusetts home heating oil prices are competitive, and Ayer Oil is among the best around for value, service, and excellence.

Approximately 8.5 million American households, mostly in the northeastern states, rely on heating oil to keep warm in winter. Oil heat is now cleaner than ever with high efficiency and emissions nearing zero for combustion discharge. This means that you get the most for your heating fuel costs while helping to ensure cleaner air for your family, your community, and generations to come.

Automatic Delivery

Find peace of mind throughout the next heating season with Ayer Oil’s automatic delivery service. Our staff will work with you to establish a fuel oil delivery schedule based on historical and reasonably proposed usage. This is the easiest way for customers to get heating oil when they need it. Enjoy heating without all the leg work, become a customer today to sign up! Don’t forget, you can use our secure website to make payments online. See your account now.

Please note, even though we provide educated guesstimates concerning fuel deliveries, you should always double-check your fuel levels, especially in severe conditions and prior to storms.


If you prefer to monitor your tank gauge and oil usage yourself, we offer fuel delivery on a will-call basis for whenever you need it. Simply contact our office when you would like to order your next delivery. Wondering if we reach you? Check our service area map to see.